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How to get "Commission Fee Shared With You" from Binace /api/v3/myTrades API?

Hello, there is this operation in the CSV report generated from the Binance portal. The /api/v3/myTrades API is returning a commission field, but it includes just the trade fees only. Is there a way to get the value of “Commission Fee Shared With You” from any of Binance APIs if not myTrades?

Note: I am building a website to aggregate trades from Binance and calculate the coin balances.

Yes, you are correct. The commission returned in the myTrades API is the fees. I am not aware of any API to get the details of the actual commission. There is no documentation related to this in Binance website.

Unfortunately, there is no API to retrieve the Commission values. You can have a look at the /sapi/v1/asset/tradeFee API and see if it provides anything usefull.